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hi guys. how you guys doing? me yeah, im actually having my final exam right now. but looking at me, i really have a hard time to focus on my study right now. see, im updating guys :’D
so today i wanna talk about sorry.  sorry? why sorry? its just bcs i realized im a person who always, saying sorry. what i mean, i said sorry a lot. a lot guys rather than saying ‘thank you.’ why i’ve been thinking that. well its just i kinda throwback, when i was still young dumb and broke (same like right now?)  yeah back then i was sooooooo stupid. if you see me, what im doing, im really stupid so the story is like this
ok dulu i have a bf right. and my bf suddenly ask a break up from me. long short story then i dapat tahu la dia suka orang lain. back then i questioned myself so much. what i do to deserve this, is she better than me? (truthfully she is) lol  tapi i got some conflict with the girl that my ex bf suka tu. and so on we kinda argued and dislikes each other (idk why we did that!! lol!! ju…

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