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Hi and assalamualaikum. After long time, I don’t know where all my older posts disappeared.
in this 2019, im 20. i want to thank to all person that made me who i am today
i really miss this blog. this is my only platform to express myself
all my feelings that i put in here
i let myself read. i really want to keep it to myself, so that future me, can read how do i feel

but unfortunately, all the posts are gone. and there are one drafted post,
its me when i was in form 4. i took a course that i don’t even have interest with
 which is accounting

but now here i am
i pursue my diploma in accounting
funny. i wrote about my destiny in that drafted post.
its really become my destiny. its a fate

im living my life. happy. feel reassured. eventhough im still single
im still loving myself here
i had so many broke downs from form 1-3
after ‘that’ person gone. i felt like i can breathe.

however, when he is back. i keep falling in love. for my year, between form 4-5. i think i might have been pausi…

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